Loving your Boobs with Jessy

 Jenny Drake: Falling in Love with Yourself Podcast featuring Jessy, Founder of Titty City Design

Falling in Love... With Yourself: Episode 104

Originally posted on Falling in Love... With Yourself on July 17, 2023



Jessy has a message to share and it is ALL about BOOBS. Jessy left the corporate world and has created her own body positivity brand called Titty City Design. She was guided to this mission while giving birth to her son during the pandemic. Going through the process of breastfeeding, while being isolated, inspired her to set out a mission for awareness, acceptance and breaking the stigma around breasts and breast health. This episode is for anyone with boobs or anyone who knows someone with boobs....so everyone. Body acceptance, body positivity and being proactive with our health is self-love. Find Jessy here and here. Reach out to Jenny here and here. For more info on the retreat click here.

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