Our Story

The Tits Behind Titty City Design.

Hi, I'm Jessy.

I believe that every Boobie is beautiful and that should be celebrated!

I'm a first-time mom. I'm also a graphic designer, artist, dog mom, and wife. And now, I am known as the mom that draws Titties, and the creator of Titty City Design!

I had my son in February 2020. Shortly after, the entire world shut down as we all began to experience a global pandemic. Life had already changed so much for me by simply becoming a mom. Then, we mixed in quarantine life to our new world together. 

Looking back, I am grateful for the focused time my son and I had to bond together. The unique circumstances—I was working from home post-maternity leave and our plans for full time childcare fell through—allowed me to continue on my breastfeeding journey which ultimately led me to start Titty City Design.

I did not expect to breastfeed passed 1 month. I barely thought I would make it a week. But each day passed, and we continued in a rhythm that worked for us. Two months in, I was feeling incredibly inspired by my body, especially my breasts. I found myself completely fascinated on how my body was able to internally, build a humanand then, that very body, was also able to provide 100% of the nourishment to sustain that human externally from my body.

My mind was blown, and the artist within me felt the urge to create. It was then, in April 2020, that I began to doodlewhat is nowmy Titty City signature design, on a set of coasters. I loved the way they turned out and so I posted a pic of them on my personal instagram page.

And then... I began to receive messages asking me to make more... and to sell them.

Six months later, in November, I decided that I would do a limited run of Titty City ceramic pots for my friends. It was a hit, and I loved making them! Painting each pot felt like a little escape from "momming," work, quarantine fatigue, the great social divide, the election (the list goes on). 2020 was a difficult year, and Titty City became my way of self-care. At night, once my son went to bed, I painted Titties to relax my mind and unwind from the day.  

In December 2020, I created an Instagram handle to show off my Tits, share a few smiles (with my ever-flowing, Titty puns), and to sell my stockpile. Soon after, I opened a shop, too! My Titty doodles have gotten more refined and I love including body-positive messages when possible. 

I am overwhelmed with all the positive feedback my work has received and I am so grateful to build this new communi-Titty with you!  I am always experimenting with new items to make and I continuously add to the shop. We have since expanded beyond hand-painted ceramics and now offer boob mugs, Titty tumblers, boob socks, apparel, accessories, and more!

Keep following on instagram, @TittyCityDesign, and make sure you are signed up to be VIT (Very Important Titty) for the latest news and updates. If you really want to be in the loop and support The Boobment, sign up to be a member of my Patreon community where I share behind-the-scenes of Titty City Design and you get advanced news on launches and more!

Also, don't be shy! Reach out and let me and the Titty Team know if there is something you would like to see in my shop!  I am so grateful to share this journey with you.

All the Breast,

Thank You for checking out my Titties