The Best Baby Shower Gift for the Mom

Best Baby Shower Gift for New Mom

Looking for the best baby shower gift ideas?

Make a postpartum care gift basket with us!

Hi there!  If you're reading this, you're probably gearing up for an awesome baby shower and wondering how to make it extra special for the mom-to-be. Sure, baby clothes and toys are super cute, but let's talk about the real MVP here: the new mom herself.  

Postpartum care is a crucial aspect of the journey into motherhood, and the right gifts can make all the difference.  Postpartum is often referred to as the fourth trimester because it immediately follows birth. So supporting the new mom during this time can be so helpful. Yep, postpartum care is where it's at, and we're here to fill you in on why it's important and how to create a fantastic postpartum care gift basket that'll truly pamper and support the new mom. So, grab a cup of tea, cozy up, and let's dive in!

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The Lowdown on Postpartum Care

Alright, Breasties, let's start with the basics. Postpartum care is basically the TLC the new mom deserves after welcoming her little one into the world. It's not just about physical healing; it's about nurturing her emotional and mental well-being too. Caring for the new mom after birth is truly what they need and what better way to help them survive post-baby life than making a supportive gift basket to bring to their baby shower?

Crafting a kickass Postpartum Care Gift Basket

Building the ultimate postpartum care gift basket is all about showing the new mom some major love. Here's the game plan. We need to incorporate cozy, helpful, practical, thoughtful, supportive, and fun. Here what to include:

Supportive Baby Shower Card

Always Boob O'clock Baby Shower Greeting Card

Always Boob O'clock baby Shower Card

Cost: $5

Let's start the postpartum care gift basket with a baby shower card! Show a mama your support and send some love and encouragement with this greeting card. Plus! Who doesn't love a little Titty humor?! This greeting card is guaranteed to bring a smile. Make sure to include a very thoughtful note for the mom.

Looking for ideas of what to write in a baby shower card? We've got your back! Check out our post on the "Let's Talk Titties" blog filled with helpful prompts to get you started.

Pro tip: This card can also be a way to share a little about your breastfeeding journey and let them know that you are there to offer support and encouragement along the way, no matter what their feeding journey turns out to be! 

Fun Baby Shower Gift for New Mom

Boobie Mug Baby Shower Gift for New Moms

Hot Tits Mug for New Mom That Love Coffee

Cost: $30

A little humor could go a long way! Listen, becoming a mom is hard. There is no sugar-coating here. All at once you are learning to breastfeed on barely any sleep while you heal from birth. And one thing is for sure... Mama is going to need a little help from a trusted caffeinated friend, coffee. So meet Mama's NEW Breast Friend, the Hot Tits Mug, a fun gift basket idea for postpartum care.

This mug is extremely high-quality (worth the price tag), has a large 16 oz capacity, and gives cozy comforting vibes. Let's not look past that it is a mug covered with boobs and is sure to make Mama smile while reminding them that their body is badass!

Pro-tip: This must-have boob mug is also microwave safe so you can keep heating up your drink… which is essential when you have a new baby to look after. They can keep warming up that coffee that will sometimes feel that it never gets around to drinking… because… you know… motherhood.  

Disposable Postpartum Underwear

Frida Mom Postpartum Underwear Boyshort Baby Shower Care package


Frida Mom Disposable Boyshort Cut Postpartum Underwear

Cost: $14

Now for an ultra-practical item of the bunch! After birth, comes with lots of changes and adjustments going on with the body. This gift may not be the most glamorous, but it is completely essential for the first week after birth. 

This mesh-free, mess-free recovery postpartum underwear stretches easily to get on. It is soft and breathable to keep pads (and everything else) in place, without squeezing or pulling. Plus it is disposable which can make clean-up super easy during trips to the bathroom. This is a super practical postpartum care gift to include in your baby shower gift basket.

Pro-tip: The boyshort version is a personal preference for more coverage and is a postpartum health must-have.

Breastfeeding Reminder Bands

Breastfeeding Reminder Bands, Boob Print Hair Ties

TitTies Hair Tie Bracelets

Cost: $10

Multi-functional hair ties with a twist!¬†¬†Another one of our favorite gift basket ideas for postpartum care is these sets of adorable hair tie bracelets that are decorated with boobs!¬†Every breastfeeding mama knows that when you‚Äôre nursing your babe, they just love to play (or even tug¬†‚Äď ouch) with your hair. Help a mama out by treating¬†them to these¬†sweet hair ties¬†to give¬†them a much-needed¬†mom bun. Don't worry, the¬†soft and stretchy material is gentle on hair and won't leave any marks or dents.¬†Oh and did we mention, they come in a¬†bunch of colors?!¬†

Not only are they cute, and come as a pack of 3, but these Boobie hair ties can also be used as breastfeeding reminder bands, making them a thoughtful and practical gift for new moms.

Pro tip: To use these TitTies as breastfeeding reminder bands, simply place the TitTie on the side of your next feed when you finish a feeding session.

Motherlove Nipple Cream

Motherlove Nipple Cream for Postpartum Care Package

Motherlove Nipple Cream

Cost: $13

Postpartum health must-have: Nipple Cream! IYKYK - If you know, you know. Do not skip on this nipple cream in your baby shower gift basket. When it comes to the early days of breastfeeding, sore nipples are part of the package. 

Help a mama out with this herbal balm to soothe their nipples from the discomfort of breastfeeding as both baby and mom get used to it. Motherlove nipple cream is truly a personal favorite that can be used directly on the nipples or pump flanges (to ease discomfort during breast pumping). The certified organic, herbal balm can also be used to moisturize dry lips and hands!

Pro tip: Use our discount code, for 15% off your purchase on TITTYCITYDESIGN15

Nipple Cream is an award-winning organic herbal balm to soothe the discomfort of breastfeeding nipples with Motherlove's award-winning, lanolin-free Nipple Cream. 

Water Bottle for New Moms

You're the Tits Water Bottle for Baby Shower Gift

You're the Tits 28 oz Slim Water Bottle

Cost: $45

Hydration is key. So help a Mama out! Keeping Mama nourished and hydrated is so important. Do you know how much water new moms need to drink to stay hydrated while breastfeeding? It's a lot! And what better way to encourage hydration than adding this tall, skinny, 28 oz water bottle to your postpartum care package? And it also has the cutest message to Mama: You're the Tits!

This double-walled aluminum water bottle even comes with a straw to help breastfeeding moms slug water. Seriously, this Titty Tumbler is so fun to drink from. Its slim design fits in your hand perfectly... and most cup holders, too, for on-the-go hydration!

Not only is it the perfect size water bottle that keeps liquids cold for over 24 hours, and hot for 6 hours, but it 

Pro tip: It keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for 6 hours (Bonus: it comes with two types of lids). Mamas can fill it with a hot coffee beverage to help keep them awake. Because let's face it, Mamas basically wake up tired!

Breast Milk Collector

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump for Breastfeeding Breast Milk Collector Baby Shower Gift

Haakaa Manual Breast Milk Collector

Cost: $13

Another practical postpartum care gift basket item we personally used and loved is the Haakaa. This is a manual, silicone breast pump that can be used to collect milk by simply attaching it to the breast with a gentle suction. It also can alleviate engorgement which causes swollen, firm, and painful breasts.

This is one of our go-to items to include for our baby shower gift baskets because it is super helpful to the Mama as they are getting the hang of breastfeeding. The Haakaa helps to draw milk and collect it which otherwise could be lost into a breast pad.

Pro tip: This breast milk collector can be used to collect milk on one breast while the baby is nursing on the other to make sure all that liquid gold from each letdown can be used. 

Vinyl Breast Pump Stickers

The Little Milk Bar waterproof vinyl Stickers

Milk Bar Stickers

Cost: $20

Even just a little encouragement means so much! As a new mom, it can feel lonely during breastfeeding and pumping sessions. This is when a little encouragement can go a long way. One of the cutest baby shower items in our postpartum care package is this set of 12 waterproof, vinyl stickers that can be used to cover items around Mama's designated pumping station.

Breastfeeding is hard! And this sheet of Milk Bar Stickers has encouraging messages to empower your Breastie on her forthcoming breastfeeding journey.

Pro tip: These super cute breast pump stickers can also be used to decorate the Titty Tumbler water bottle (also included in the postpartum care package), laptops, and phone cases, too.   

Spa Day Vibes

Boob Socks for Postpartum Care Package

Boob "Toob" Socks

Cost: $20

Cozy comfort galore! These extra thick, woven Boobie socks are the perfect hospital bag accessory that every new mom needs. This is why Titty City Design's Boob socks make the list of must-have items in our baby shower gift basket to shower the Mama.

Think soft and snuggly,¬†cozy socks give spa day vibes to help Mama feel comfy while recovering and for late-night feedings.¬†She‚Äôll love how high-quality and thick and warm these socks are¬†‚Äď like a hug for her feet¬†‚Äď and the Boobies design is the icing on the cake as a reminder of all the hard work she is doing on her breastfeeding journey, these socks will make the perfect¬†baby shower gift for your postpartum care package.

Pro tip: Get a pair for yourself too, because you are going to want to live in these cozy boob socks, too. 

Organic Bamboo Breast Pads

14 Pack of Reusable Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads for Postpartum Care package

Reusable Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

Cost: $28

Essential breastfeeding accessory for new moms! These ultra-soft bamboo breast pads are a practical and thoughtful gift for any new mom. They provide comfort, confidence, and peace of mind, helping them feel dry, and leak-free as their breast start producing milk.

We love to include these reusable breast pads in our postpartum care package because each set includes 7 pairs of breast pads that are designed with four layers for maximum absorption, meaning no worries about leaks or discomfort. Plus, they're waterproof to keep Mama feeling dry and fresh.

Pro-tip: It comes with a wet bag for used breast pads on the go and a delicates bag to keep track of it in the laundry. Whether she's at home or on the go, these bamboo breast pads will quickly become her go-to choice for a worry-free and comfortable breastfeeding experience.

Breast Milk Storage Bags

 Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags for Baby Shower gift basket

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

Cost: $15

Another thoughtful and practical postpartum care gift for any new mom. Breast milk storage bags provide flexibility and convenience in their breastfeeding journey, allowing them to store their liquid gold for those times when they need a break or are away from their baby. They are easy to use to store collected or pumped breast milk. They also have room to be labeled, so Mama can build her stash.

Milk storage bags are a postpartum care gift that truly shows you care about her breastfeeding experience. These are build super strong, with a double zipper seal to help prevent leaks... Because a new mom will cry over spilled breast milk.

Cozy Throw Blanket

 cozy checkered blanket baby shower gift

Cozy Checkered Blanket

Cost: $30

Include spa-like gifts for new moms at their baby shower. A cozy throw blanket is the ultimate gift for creating a nurturing environment. It provides comfort, warmth, and a sense of home, whether in the hospital or during those quiet moments at home with the baby. It's a thoughtful gesture that shows you understand the importance of comfort and relaxation for a new mom. 
There's something incredibly comforting about wrapping yourself in a soft, cozy throw blanket, especially during the early days of motherhood. This throw blanket is more than just a simple gift, it's a warm hug and a reminder of your love and support.

Pro-tip: This gift can be used for Mama and baby. Consider asking what colors the nursery is to choose a color that matches the Mama's preferred decor choices. 

Hot/Cold Therapy for Breasts

Lansinoh Breast Therapy Packs with Soft Covers, Hot and Cold Breast Pads, Breastfeeding Essentials for Moms, 2 Pack
Lansinoh Hot and Cold Breast Pads

Cost: $15

Self-care essentials for new moms. Breast therapy packs with a soft cover can offer relief and comfort during common breastfeeding struggles. We include these hot and cold breast therapy packs in our postpartum care baby shower gifts to help make breastfeeding as comfortable as possible. 

Whether it's to relieve discomfort or promote milk flow, they are a must-have for any breastfeeding mom's post-birth toolkit. 

Pro-tip:¬†¬†Simply pop them in the microwave or freezer ‚Äď no boiling required. Use hot therapy to relieve clogged ducts and mastitis.

Enough About the Baby

Enough about the baby book for baby shower gift

Enough About the Baby: A Brutally Honest Guide to Surviving the First Year of Motherhood

Cost: $18

Shocking title, but hear us out!¬†We need to be there for the Mama, too!¬†This book does not sugar-coat motherhood one bit. It helps to offer a perspective that is not often shared.¬†Postpartum and the transition into motherhood is not easy, but you don't have to feel alone. Author, Becky Vieira, shares it all and will be a friend guiding you through.¬† "Enough About the Baby"¬†is an unapologetic guide to the first year of motherhood, for women who recognize the necessity of self-care‚ÄĒeven if sometimes the rest of the world does not. This book is filled with practical advice and humor.

We love including this book as part of our¬†baby shower gift basket because it includes interviews with moms and experts talking about the taboo topics of becoming a mom‚ÄĒfrom managing nosey in-laws and an anxious partner to surviving the first postpartum poop and when to seek out treatment for postpartum depression. This book is filled with hacks, tips, and tricks that only the most seasoned‚ÄĒand enlightened‚ÄĒmom knows.¬†

Pro-tip: This is the kind of book that actually prepares you for postpartum. The new mom who puts her needs first often isn’t selfish at all.

Breastfeeding Storage Caddy

Baby shower gift of Essential breastfeeding Storage Basket for postpartum care package

Essential Storage Basket

Cost: $25

A multi-functional postpartum caddy filled with all the essentials is what makes the whole gift come together. You have put together the most fantastic postpartum care package to give an expecting mom at their baby shower, so pat yourself on the back!

This final piece is a lightweight, portable, storage caddy that can be used for keeping diaper supplies in one place, breastfeeding essentials together, or virtually anything that a Mama needs it to be. It's soft, made of felt, and has a removable organizing insert.

Pro-tip: Use the caddy as the "basket" for all the postpartum care gifts. Creating a stunning presentation of your gifts is like the cherry on top. Arrange everything neatly, add a snazzy bow, and you'll have one fancy, thoughtful, heartwarming gift that will make the Mom-to-be feel all the love! 

Customizing the Gift Basket

    Remember, your friend is one-of-a-kind, so make the gift basket uniquely theirs. Add their favorite colors of things or products they've been eyeing to their postpartum care gift. If they like more spa-like gifts, consider including a candle or bath bomb. If they are having a planned c-section, add some items that will help them recover. The main goal is to focus on the mom! 

    Just the fact that you are reading this article shows that you truly care! Great job!

    Jessy, our founder at Titty City Design,¬†never heard other moms, including my friends and family, speak candidly about postpartum or breastfeeding. And she works tirelessly to build a brand to normalize talking openly about BOOBS ‚ÄĒ what our amazing bodies go through ‚ÄĒ and celebrate every type of breastfeeding journey lasting for hours or years. Be part of the "The Boobment"¬†by sharing¬†your experiences freely,¬†so we can help others feel less lonely on their journey with their breasts ‚ÄĒ whether it‚Äôs related to body image, postpartum, or breast health.

    Let’s normalize talking about our experiences with our breasts and supporting others on their journeys!


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