Pink Body Positivity Sticker

Pink Body Positivity Sticker

Titty City Design
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All Boobs Are Beautiful Brand Sticker

    Show that you are part of #TheBoobment with the perfect sticker to put on your water bottle, laptop, or wherever! Its vinyl and waterproof and designed to celebrate our beautiful bodies and to promote body positivity and help strike up conversations about The Boobment!

    The Boobment is a social movement we started to break the stigma around BOOBS... We believe that by talking openly about our breasts, and experiences with them, we can take back the power from those who over-sexualized our bodies! 

    The Boobment encourages talking freely about our experiences with our breasts, especially about breastfeeding and breast health. AND! When we talk freely about our BOOBS....

    • We can help promote body positivity, body acceptance, and self-love.
    • We can help educate + share resources on breastfeeding, and make postpartum and the transition into motherhood feel less lonely.
    • We can encourage each other to take care of our breast health, because 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

    Be part of #TheBoobment


    • 3 inch sticker
    • Waterproof Vinyl

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